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Basic knowledge about malware

What can I do when I receive a suspicious e-mail?

It’s simple, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that don’t open it.  Scan it with some good, updated antivirus. If you don’t have the software, don’t worry, download one. Anvi Smart Defender is a good choice, it provides a super protection to prevent your computer form being infected by a virus.

What can I do to keep my computer away from viruses and malware?

To keep your computer away from viruses, the following three principles are necessary. Firstly, install a good antivirus software, keep your anti-virus database daily updated. Secondly, form a good habit to download software on official site instead of unknown internet sites. Thirdly, don’t open suspicious e-mails from strangers.

How can I prevent malware from infecting me?
Ways to protect your computer against malware and its effects, include: Install an antivirus software, which can effectively prevent the most common virus. Keep your antivirus database updated, completely scan your computer in certain period of time. Visit regular website instead of visiting risky website, such as Google, Yahoo. Don’t save your important data in computer disk C. Act with caution and use your common sense: be aware of unsolicited messages, e-mail, instant messages, such as:

-Ask you to click a link.

-Request confidential information.

-Open an attachment.

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