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Questions about Cloud System Booster

How do I update Cloud System Booster?


For standard users, please click the “Check for update” button on the bottom of the program Could System Booster to update the latest database. 
For advanced users, please turn on the option “Automatically Update” to allow the program update the latest database automatically. You can also set a schedule time to update the database. 
Where is the user manual?


The user manual is available on Anvisoft official site. You can also check the user manual via the More button on the upper right of the program Cloud System Booster. 
Click here to go to the user manual page. 
Do I have to uninstall the older version before installing the latest version?


No, you can install the latest version directly after you download the setup file, and the new version will cover the old version. 

What are the system requirements of Cloud System Booster?


Cloud System Booster is compatible with following Windows Operating System which includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of:
Microsoft Windows XP with SP2/SP3 or Home/Professional/Media Center
Microsoft Windows Vista Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business /Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 Starter/ Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Why choose Cloud System Booster?


Cloud System Booster occupies less resource and CPU. It scans and analyzes the entire computer in a fast way and cleans up junk data on disk, registry, and more unneeded Windows files for fast computer performance. 

Why do I need to clean the registry?


When you install or uninstall programs, the registry files are created or modified. The registry file should be removed automatically when a program is uninstalled, but some software developer won't add necessary code to delete the registry files. With time goes on, the Registry can become cluttered with missing, invalid or broken entries as you install, upgrade, and uninstall software. Cloud System Booster can help you clean out the Registry and fix the registry errors for you to make sure your computer run faster and more efficiently. 

What is the registry?


The windows registry is a database that store configuration setting and option on windows operating system such as what program to use to open XML files, or what desktop background you use.  

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