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Questions about Anvi Smart Defender

What is Anvi Smart Defender?

Anvi Smart Defender is anti-malware software which delivers super protections to prevent your computer from being infected by computer viruses and malware. It is featured with proactive real-time protection, rootkit removal and easy-to-use, so that you are definitely safe whenever, wherever and however you use the Internet. Anvi Smart Defender is dedicated to providing advanced Internet security software for consumers, small business and global organizations.

How to install the product?

1. Double click on Anvi Smart Defender installation package to open the setup wizard.

2. Simple click the “Next” to continue, then you will come to the software license and service agreement (We recommend you browse through our agreement).

3. Agree to go on with the installation or give up to skip out the process.

4. Choose the install location (the default destination folder for Anvi Smart Defender is C:Program FilesAnvisoftAnvi Smart Defender).

5. Click “install” to proceed, which is also the last step.

After all these, click "finish " to run it on your computer.

How to uninstall the product?

You can uninstall Anvi Smart Defender through the following ways:


Through Windows Control Panel:

1. Go to Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs.

2. Switch to change or Remove Programs.

3. Find Anvi Smart Defender, click Remove and follow the steps provided.

4. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.


Through the uninstall tool:

1. Open windows start menu, click all programs and select Anvisoft.

2. Single click on Anvisoft to reveal Anvi Smart Defender.

3. Single click on Anvi Smart Defender to reveal its submenu.

4. click Uninstall and follow the steps provided.

5. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

You don't have to restart the computer after the uninstallation.

Can this software be used on two or more computers?
Yes, we have both single workstation license and multi workstation license. You can buy our advanced users version.
Where is the user manual?


The user manual is available on Anvisoft official site. You can also check the user manual via the Help button on the upper right of the program Anvi Smart Defender.

Click here to go to the user manual page.  

How to report False Positives?


For any items which are susptected as false postive, please contact us for a solution. Follow steps can help you to report the false positive.

First, please save the scan report.

Second, you can choose to send the report to us via Email (support@anvisoft.com), or you can also post the problem in our official forum (forums.anvisoft.com). 

How to add items into the Ignore List of Anvi Smart Defender?


Anvi Smart Defender allows you to exlude specific folders and files to it’s ignore list to stop the program from scanning those folders and files.  It's simple to add the ignore list just by clicking settings button, switching to ignore list and then adding files or directory. 

How to register my Anvi Smart Defender with my new license code?


Under the circumstance that you get a new license code for Anvi Smart Defender and you need to upgrade the program with the renewal code, please delete the userinfo.dat file under C:ProgramDataAnvisoftAnvi Smart Defender (C: should be the usual path or default path). After you delete the userinfo.dat file, the program will turn out to be free version thus you can upgrade the program with the new license code. 

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