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Anvi Smart Defender v2.5

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Defend against viruses
Malware are bad and Anvi Smart Defender is big to defend
against mushrooming threats including trojans, rootkits, spyware,
rogueware, ransomware and more.
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Anvi Smart Defender
Anvi Smart Defender Pro – Protect Your PC from Malware

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Watch this video to see more features of Anvi Smart Defender 2.5 Pro on how it works to protect your computer from various threats online.
Anvi Smart Defender
Anvi Smart Defender

All-round Positive Guard

To enable your computer system immune to mushrooming threats, Anvi Smart Defender v2.5 integrates all-round positive guard including file system guard, network guard and the newly added anti-hacker and anti-exploit. It can not only protect your PC system from damages and loss due to infections but can also prevent your computer getting infected via remote access guard, remote execute guard and anti-exploit.


Various hacking activities flood the cyberspace. And the newly added Anti-hacker in this version will check all related system services and settings to ensure the computer system is safe from potential hacker attacks. If any risky items detected, one-click solution is provided to help fix all, while you can also choose the item to ignore as per your personal needs.
Anvi Smart Defender
"A clean and nice GUI. Very good and easy to use. It takes low system usage resources and lowmemory RAM usage. That's really good. And finally, it really blocks all malware! It keeps to update database daily.."
Key Features and Benefits
Anvi Smart Defender Pro
Anvi Smart Defender Pro
Detecting and removing multiple malware, e.g. viruses, Trojans, rogueware, spyware, ransomware, etc.
Daily Utilities in Toolbox
Browser Repair Tool and more.
Basic Guard
Basically file system guard and network guard including File Guard, Registry Guard, Startup Guard, Web Guard, Privacy Guard and Download Guard.
Daily Database Update
Update the database on daily basis to defend against latest threats in the wild.
Preventing your computer being attacked through exploits
Scan Scheduler
Make virus scan at a scheduled time on regular basis.
Scan with Local & Cloud Engine
Double engine scan (local engine and cloud engine) for utmost virus scan efficiency.
Protecting your computer from rampant hacker attacks by checking and fixing all related system services and settings.
USB Guard
Preventing your computer getting infected from malicious files in inserted USB driver
Behavior Guard
Avoiding system damages and data loss from any potentially risky operation by person
Shopping Guard
Protecting your PC system and sensitive info when you are shopping online.
Preventing your computer attacked using exploits.
Malicious Ads Blocking
Blocking malicious ads popups or banners resulted from adware install.
Positive Guard of Anti-Hacker
Disabling any hacker attack through remote access or remove execute
24/7 Technique Support Online
Timely help on any PC issue related to Anvi Smart Defender
More Powerful Features of Anvi Smart Defender
Malware Detect &Remove
Detect and remove malware, Trojans, worms, rogueware, ransomware, spyware and many others
Double Scan Engine for Utmost Efficiency
High efficiently scan your system with double scan engine (local engine & cloud engine)
Check all system services and settings that may be used by hackers to attack your system and offer one-click fix to keep it safe away from hacker attacks
Basic File System Guard
Protect computer files, registry and startup items that may be modified or changed during the virus infiltration
Basic Network Guard
Real-timely protect your computer, privacy and downloads when you are surfing online.
Advanced File System Guard
Scan inserted USB drivers and monitor system behaviors to prevent no potential risks
Advanced Network Guard
Particularly guard against adware install or any other potential risks while you are shopping online
Anti-Hacker & Anti-Exploit
Positively guard against any potential hacker attacks as well as multiple exploits
Browser Repair
Conveniently repair browser problems caused by infections such as redirect virus or browser hijackers
Facilitate Windows Updates
Repair issues occurring when windows updates in order to ensure the system is updated timely to be more secured.
Ultimate Solution to Ransomware Infections
Anvi Rescue Disk integrated to remove any desperate hard-to-remove computer blocked virus, alas ransomware
Virus Scan Scheduler
Make virus scan at a scheduled time on regular basis or just schedule the virus scan when the system is idle.

    What's new

    Anvi Smart Defender v2.5 Released
    1 Fixed the program network drive problem that appears in Windows 10.
    2 Fixed the program scheduled task failure in Windows 10.
    3 Optimized the scanning speed.
    4 Fixed the problem that when users cancel the first scan, the main page display “the computer is safe”.
    5. Fixed the network connection failed problem when users try to install the program directly to override the old version without disconnected the VPN service.
    Anvi Smart Defender v2.4 Released
    1 Optimized scanning engine to improve its stability.
    2 Fixed some bugs
    Anvi Smart Defender v2.3 Released
    1 Repairing and fixing bug in cloud scanning engine that might be stuck.
    2 Optimizing and improving white list working mechanism which will not activate Registry Guard if items are already in white list.
    3 When users tick "Always do this operation" in Registry Guard, and allow the operation, the program will automatically add related items into white list.
    Anvi Smart Defender v2.2 Released
    1 Changed the registry scanning function to fix the crash problem when scanning startup items.
    2 Changed registry removing function that make the program is able to delete suspicious locked registry.
    3 Changed the way to read and write files to avoid the system blue screen problem when deleting viruses.
    4 Changed the update checking function.
    Anvi Smart Defender v2.1 Released
    1 Changed the way of installing driver to fix the problem of service failed to start.
    2 Changed scanning mode to fix the problem of scan process disconnected with main program.
    3 Scan in safe mode is available.
    4 Changed registry defending strategies to lower the consumption of system resource.
    5 Added database to improve checking and killing ability.
    6 Fixed multi-bugs of scan engine to prevent scan from getting stuck.
    Anvi Smart Defender v2.0 Released
    1 Brand-new and users friendly interface
    2 Added PC Health feature to check the state of software including database updating, real-time guard activating and scan interval
    3 Improved scan feature with brand-new scan engine and database which supports scan right-click selected files and set a more flexible scheduled scan
    4 Added 13 brand-new real-time guards that included in 4 categories:
       a) File System Guard
       b)Network Guard
       c) Anti-hacker
    5 Added new Anti-hacker feature to fix system vulnerabilities, check the general settings on your computer
    6 Added Anvisoft Account feature and added News, Messages and Favorites function
    7 Added Quarantine, Whitelist and Upgrade feature on main interface
    8 Brand-new log management with more detailed record, easy to view and check
    9 Added one tool--Browser Repair Tool
    10 Added Oline Store feature
    11 Added Help and About
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.9.3 Released
    Fixed the registration bug that may cause registration failed when system reinstalled
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.9.2 Released
    New features:
    Fixed bug that program failed to delete any detected, occupied malicious file;
    Fixed real-time guard bug that blocked files which have been added in white list;
    Fixed bug that time duration didn’t show correctly when delete detected malware in demand scan.
    Added languages-Chinese Simplified, Bulgarian.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.9.1 Released
    Fixed bug that may cause crash on program professional version;
    Fixed activation bug that program can not be upgraded from trial version to professional version;
    Fixed bug that display wrong information in toolbox;
    Fixed database irregularly loading bug
    Fixed license code activation bug
    Fixed bug that users were probably unable to use scheduled scan in Windows 8.

    Updated language file
    Updated User manual
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.9 Released
    New features:
    Removed Windows Update Downloader from toolbox.
    Added Anvi Slim Toolbar and Anvi Ultimate Defrag into toolbox.

    Fixed several bugs.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.8 Released
    New features:
    New feature added in the Quarantine to delete or restore the selected item with right-clicking.

    Fix several bugs.
    Fix false positives.
    Pop-up message about virus definition update removed from the program.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.7 Released
    New features:
    Home page added to better display the computer health status and get located to other interfaces.
    Trial feature added that users can apply trial license code to enjoy Anvi Smart Defender Pro for 30 days.
    New utility Anvi Browser Repair added in the toolbox to help user fix browser problem with one-click solution.

    Fix several bugs.
    Fix false positives.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.6 Released
    Fix several bugs.
    Fix false positives.
    Fix language errors.
    Added languages- Korean, Persian, Polish and Russian.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.5 Released
    New features:
    Added Toolbox module to provide useful small tools.
    Web Guard and Adware Guard added to Guard module.
    Added USB flash drive protection.

    Further optimized the engine.
    Fix several bugs.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.02 Released
    Optimize the engine to significantly reduce the size of the malware database.
    Optimize the engine to reduce the occupancy rate of our real-time protection services on the CPU and memory.
    Optimize the engine to reduce the scanning time by a large degree.
    Optimize the real-time protection to have a smaller impact on the system.
    Optimize the real-time protection to be compatible with the popular anti-virus software.
    Improve the configuration and strategy of cloud scan.
    Fix the MSVCR100.dill missing issue.
    Fix the Wise Folder Hider caused scan crash.
    Fix false positives.
    Added language- Estonian.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.01 Released
    Issues fixed in this build:
    Fix compatibility issue with AVAST.
    Fix false positives.
    Fix issues with Slovenian language.
    Fix database update bugs.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.0 Released
    New programmed Engine- Swordfish engine, more stable and fast.
    Fix multi-bugs of previous scan engine.
    Fix cause to system stops responding bug.
    Add new feature- Log Center, view logs of Anvi Smart Defender.
    Added languages- Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovenija and Turkish.
    Anvi Smart Defender v1.0 RC2 Released
    Added Features:
    Italian, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional language version added.
    Automatically download latest database when program runs.

    Scanner and removal engine enhancement.
    Increase malware detection rate based on enlarging database.
    Merger cloud database into on-demand scanning database.
    More intelligent real-time protection pop up tips.
    More stable cloud scan engine.

    Bugs fixed:
    Fix for database not updating properly.
    Fix false positives.
    Other minor bugs.

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) with SP2/SP3 or Home/Professional/Media Center
    Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business /Ultimate
    Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/ Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
    Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/ Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate

    Hardware Requirements

    300 MHz processor or faster processor
    1024 MB of RAM
    50 MB of free hard disk space


    Release date: Nov  27, 2014
    Version: 2.5
    File size: 34.7 MB
    Category: Anti-malware Software
    Price: $26.98


    BUY NOW $26.98 1yr Subscription for 1 PC
    Download NOWSize:34.7MB