Windows XP Freezes: How to Stop Windows XP from Freezing?

Although Windows XP system is much stable than previous Windows Operating System, it still come across the problem of freezing up. There can be a several reason that cause windows XP freezing up. To find out and solve the problem of Windows XP freezing up, following guide can help you.


Insufficient memory

In order to keep Windows XP run smoothly and fast, you must make sure your computer is with enough memory to run the system. If you are maxed the memory in the system, it will slow your computer running or even the freezing up.


It’s easy to solve the problem by just adding an external storage device. You can also choose other way just like moving data from the main drive to external driver and defrag your internal drive.


If you confirm that you have enough memory for your Windows XP, but computer still remain slow or freezing up, you need to optimize your system by releasing physical memory, and removing unused and old registries.


Program Incompatible


Windows XP freezing up can also be caused by the reason of program incompatible. To check out the problem of program incompatible, we need to confirm and find out which program.


Click Start-Run-type into Run dialog box "eventvwr ", the Event Viewer Window will pop up, click Application and view the list of program information, find out anything marked with a red stop sign, right-click to view the Properties which will give you a brief information about the a certain program that are running into trouble.


Write down those programs with error and check if there’s any update for those program online. Make sure your program is running the latest version.


Virus or Malware:

Most of virus or malware slow down computer. You need to scan your Windows XP with most powerful anti-virus program, like Kapersky or Anvi Smart Defender. Suggest you run anti-virus program in safe mode which can help you remove stubborn virus easily.


Screenshot related to program information check-up


Event Viewer

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