Windows Xp 7 system restore not working?-Reasons and Solutions

You are still wondering How to restore my computer? Or you are looking for ways to figure out reasons and solutions for System-Restore-cannot -restore? Countless virus, worms, infected files, Spyware or malicious apps & programs, Trojans flood out there and system backup restore offers a nice way for us to handle with this! Then how do you system restore? Here find some relevant troubleshooting points for useful helps!
System Restore, a component of Microsoft’s Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, allows for the the rolling-back of system files, registry keys, installed programs and so on to a previous state in the event of system malfunction or failure by creating restore points, according to Wikipedia.
Generally speaking, System Restore automatically recommends the most recent restore point created before a significant change like installing a program. Also you can choose a restore point. However, you’d better use restore points created just before the date and time you started noticing problems. Whatsoever, chances are your PCs are unable to system restore and hopefully you will find practical advices here to solve your issue below!
1 The biggest and commonest reason for System Restore cannot restore is PC runs out of space. System Restore requires about 12% of disk space to work, so you are suggested to make sure there is enough free space, otherwise you will fail. Before you start system restore, save open files and close running programs since PC will be rebooted after system restore. Besides, back up your personal files like personal photos and something alike as System Restore can not restore these deleted personal images and the like.


2 With luck, you can download a fix created by Microsoft to solve this problem with Windows ME.


3 If you run with Windows XP, try safe mode and you will get the warning that says, if you’d prefer to use System Restore to click “no” when you enter safe mode, at any rate, regardless of this and clicked yes. It does appear to work successfully most time! Pitifully, Windows XP Pro SP3 still fails to work this way.


4 From the perspective of experience , System Restore is not reliable enough since when a computer starts to have serious problems, System Restore often performs less satisfactory getting the computer back to a stable state. If the System Restore works, great, if not, ensure you are keeping good, current system backups and if the need arise, get ready to reload the system and start over.


5. Regardless of all, complete and efficient security softwares to protect PCs from virus, worms, Trojans, Spywares, etc and powerful cleaning & optimizing softwares to get PCs uncluttered are highly recommended.


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