Windows Start up Problem

Windows Start up Problems

Sometimes, your computer is troubleshooting and sluggish, the system problems are hardware and software configuration related greatly. If your Windows can’t start correctly, there are many approaches you can take to fix the Windows startup problems. Firstly, you should make it clear that which one is the possible cause for your problem.

Hardware related problems.

If your Windows startup problems related to hardware, you should check 3 aspects, including memory, hard disks, devices and drivers.

A Memory. Memory problems always occurs in RAM (Random Access Memory), please scan your memory problems.

B Hard Disks. Some physical problems may make your computer failed to startup, or some corrupted system files may cause your computer fail to start.

C Devices and Drivers. When you install a new device, in most cases, you need to install driver too. If the driver is incompatible with your Windows, your computer will also fail to start.

Software related problems.

A Uninstallation. You may have encountered the problem that you can’t uninstall a program, this will sometimes cause your computer crash or unable to start.

B Incompatibility. When you install a new program, you should check it first whether it is compatible with your Windows or not. For example, if you find a program that can be installed on Windows XP and Windows Vista, but you download and install it on a latest version of Windows, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, the program might cause your computer running incorrectly.

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