Windows Display Driver Stopped Responding and has Recovered

Have you suffered the error message that windows display driver stopped responding and has recovered and then it works fine? Many users will ignore this error because the computer comes back to normal right away. It is a mistake. If you receive the error message you must take action to fix this error.


Normally this error is caused by three reasons: display driver need to be upgraded, visual effects problem or GPU error. Let’s check the following tips to fix this error.


Update the display driver to the latest version.

You can set to get notice when there is any update. Windows will recommend you to update the newest version driver. If you accept the update, it will download and install the update before the computer shut down and turn on. Also, you can download the newest driver on the driver official website. For example, you can go to Dell official website to download the newest related update if your computer is Dell. If the problem is still exist after installing the newest update, go ahead the second method.


Disable the visual effects that may cause this error.

Sometimes this error occurs when you’re running multiple programs, opening many browsers windows or run many chat windows at the same time. It will use lots of memory and cause the performance issue. Try to close the program you are not using. Meanwhile, you can disable visual effects to enhance your computer performance.


Set the TDR timeout value to increase GPU processing time.

Timeout Detection and Recovery is a windows feature that window will detect the problematic hang situation and recovery a responsive desktop. In this process, the display driver is reinitialized and the GPU is reset. Therefore, the error message may appear when the GPU take longer time to respond than usual. To prevent this error occur again, you can reset the TDR timeout value as below.


Open the registry editor ( Start > Run > regedit )


Navigate to: HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers


Add DWORD TdrDelay if is not present (Right-click > New DWORD > TdrDelay)


Set value of TdrDelay to the number of seconds you want to allow your GPU to run with no feedback to the system (ie Timeout watchdog..)



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