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What is Disk Defragment?

Disk defragment actually comes along Windows system versions to ensure disks memory can be released from no longer occupied sections on the disks for better performance of the system. It is a necessary way to optimize the system especially when the computer is used for so long. It is fact that besides used programs, junk files left by uninstalled programs or browser cookies, temporary files, etc, perfect disk defrag can also contribute a lot to optimize the system.


Disk Defragment usually come along with Windows system, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc. In particular, Windows 7 defragmenter software would automatically run in the background periodically without any interrupt on visible activities. Learn more on how to defrag disk on Windows 7 here.


However, even the Windows 7 Defragmenter utility is unable to defragment a solid-sate drive. So usually it is a nice way out to use a third-party defragmenter software for assistance as there are adequate free computer defrag softwares available out there.


Here Anvi Smart Defender is recommended for a nice try. Or Cloud System Booster is also considerably worthy of high expectation on optimizing system. A surprising shocking would be revealed, indeed!


Check here for more about how to defrag your computer.

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