Windows 7 Start Menu Registry Settings


Start menu is quite often used in our computer life; a little rearrangement of the Start menu can save you a lot of time and will improve efficiency. The operation is often simple that you only need to modify a few registry settings. Learn below on how to customize your Start menu.


Step 1

 Windows Start menu> Run> Type regedit into the open blank> Hit Enter

Step 2

 After the Registry Editor Window displays, Choose HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the left panel. 



Step 3

 Expand the branch by clicking on the + sign.

Step 4

 Keep expanding the following keys: Software> Microsoft> CurrentVersion> Polices> Explorer

Step 5

 Right click on Explorer> New> DWORD Value



Note: In order to customize the Start Menu, you have to change the name and Value Data of these DWORD Values.


Below are a few examples about how to hide options on Start Menu.


Step 1

 Hide “My Recent Documents”: Enter the DWORD value name as “NoRecentDocsMenu”, and change the value to 1.

Step 2

 Hide “Taskbar Settings”, Change the DWORD value name into “NoSetTaskbar”, and change the value to 1.

Step 3

 Hide “Log Off”, change the DWORD value name into “NoLogOff”, and change the value to 1.


Conclusion: Just follow the same way to modify any settings you want to change. Later, if you want to undo the settings, change the values to 0. It’s easy to achieve.


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