Why Your PC is so Slow?- 4 Ways to Speed up Your PC

It always exists that many pc users do not know why their computers are so slow, especially for primary users or unprofessional users.


What cause PC runs slowly?
As a matter of face, a slow pc can be caused by many reasons if we do not have regular maintenance. The common problems are overload startup programs, outdated hardware, not enough free disk space, corrupted registry issues, too many junk files, virus attack, poor security software, remnants of uninstalled applications and more. All these can be summarized into 4 aspects, such as registry problem, malicious programs and viruses, outdated hardware as well as Defragmentation.




Deal with malicious programs and viruses

When you surf Internet, you comes to some phishing infected viruses, or you install many toolbar of unused software without mind. They are so stubborn that they can automatically run as you open Internet. The best and simplest way is to download a free or paid antivirus software. Anvi Smart Defender can be highly recommended. It can actively detect all malicious programs and viruses and remove them.

Anvi Smart Defender Download:




How to Deal with Outdated Hardware?

After a long period of time using our pc, it is sure that we have downloaded a large number of music, videos and movies, which result our pc running slow. In other words, our computer is filled with a mess of junk files or duplicate files. All these useless files use up some of the storage space of our hard drive as the “junk” accumulates. So we need to upgrade our hardware, such as adding more RAM or buy a new HDD with large volume etc.



Disk Defragmentation

In fact, as you have set up our product Anvi Smart Defender, disk defragmentation can be finished in the process of dealing with malicious programs and viruses. But firstly you should go to “Optimize” to choose “Disk Defragment”. Then click “Care Now”.




Clean Up Registry

Click “Start” menu, then click “run” and type “registry” into the text field and press “Enter”. Now you can access many different entries in our pc registry. It is separated into primary sections:
Click the plus to find and delete entries in the registry that you know are either causing conflicts or no longer necessary.


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