Why Need a Defragment Program

What is Defragment?


Defragment, shorten for defrag, is aprocess that reduces the amount of fragments  in computer hard disk, in charge of physicallyorganizing the content of disk to store pieces of each file, or creating largerregions of free space using compaction to impede the return of fragmentation.


How to Defrag Computer


  • Log into your computer asadministrator and go to the disk defragment tool in windows found in systemtools. You can get access of the system tools option by clicking the startbutton, and then all programs, and then accessories. You can find the systemtools option in the accessories menu.

  •  Choose the drive you want todefragment and click the defragment button. The tool will analyze your drivefirst before defragmenting it.

  •  When defragmenting process iscompleted, there are no more red lines representing. A pop-up window will alsonotify you the process is over.


Why need a Defragment Program


  • Different from windows build-indefragmenter, defrag program can perform the defragment action on thebackground automatically, it can detects and cleans up defragment found on harddisk to speed up computer and keep up fragment-free all the time.

  •  Defragment program can deal with modern big volume hard disk. And it canefficiently shorten the defrag time, but attain the same effect. Try anvisoft anvi smart defender which is a software helping optimizing system and speed up computer, of course being a good defragment program to help pick up defragment.

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