Why is Laptop Slow

It is normal that laptop will become slow overtime. How to deal with this problem? Buy a new one when you can’t stand up with the slow laptop? Absolutely NO. If there are some actions you can do to speed up the laptop, would you like to try? The following tips can help you find out the reasons and help you improve your laptop performance.


Reasons that may cause a slow PC.


Windows Registry Problem.


Every application installed on the laptop, the related registry entries will be created. But all the related registry entries won’t be removed automatically after you uninstall this program. As time goes on, there are many unused registry entries in your laptop. Therefore, you should make a habit of cleaning up registry entries periodically.


No Enough Memory.


Do not run too many programs at the same time. It will cause the lack of memory and slow the laptop. If the applications you use need lots of memory the most effective way is add additional memory to the laptop. Additional memory may help speed up the laptop a lot.


Free up Disk Space.


Temp files are files left on laptop after installing a program. They are not the necessary files and will take much disk resource. You may find some temp files in your c:temp folder. You may press an F3 at the desktop then you can type in .tmp and it will find all the .tmp files to delete. If you use windows 7 system, you can make full use of Disk clean up tool.


Poor Internet Connect Speed.


The slow network will lead your surfing slow, which you may feel your laptop slow.


Virus Problem.


If your laptop is infected by virus, it will become slow surely. Try free antivirus program to clear the virus and make your laptop in pink mode.


How to make a faster PC?


Make your computer faster and better. Cloud System Booster- Your Top Choice.


Nothing is more depressing than when your old PC fail to keep up with your mind or fingertips. But will you give up that slow PC and buy a new one? Absolutely unnecessary! A system cleaner and optimizer is created to save your frustrations. Boost your system now.



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