Why Computer Running Extremely Slow? How to Speed Up PC?

Why Computer Running Extremely Slow?


It is common that a newly bought computer responds fast and quickly, yet, after being used for several months it begins to act slowly. Things goes like when you surf on the Internet, it takes several minutes to open a site. When downloading music or video, it takes several hours to complete. When click on a program to run, it may cause computer freezing or stop responding. Rather than buy a new PC, you’d better try out some tips or guides to save your old PC from an earlier retirement.


Causes that may result in a slow PC:


  • Many programs start with Windows starts up.
  • Security programs influence your computer speed.
  • Many programs and applications run in background.
  • Some registry problems might also cause computer slow.
  • Many fragments on your hard disk.
  • Many junk files and temporary files stored on your system.


In order to speed up your slow PC, you should check those causes one by one. At the same time, if you find that your computer has these problems, you must fix them. We suggest you take the advices below to troubleshoot your computer, and make your computer run faster.

How to Speed UP A Slow PC?


step 1

Block less used programs from startup list.


If there are overwhelmingly programs start with your computer, it may cause your computer run slowly. To solve this issue is really simply. You can simply close or prevent some program from running with Windows startup, only leave those you needed program start with Windows.


step 2

Check to see whether you have more than one antivirus program installed.


Have you installed many antivirus programs? The best choice is having an antivirus program and an anti-malware program on your system to keep your computer security. If you are installed many security programs, it will slow down your computer performance because many security programs have the real-time protection function to monitor your PC. Uninstall redundant security programs and choose the light one installed on your computer could speed up your slow PC to some extent.


step 3

Uninstall unused programs from your computer system.


If you have installed many programs on your computer, and let them running in the background, this condition will also lead to a slow PC. Running many programs will take up much computer Memory and use many resources. So you should end some programs from the Task Manager.


step 4

Fix registry errors, remove corrupt registry entries.


Your computer may have registry problems. It’s not wise to check the registry problems by yourself, you should take your computer to a technician for investigating such this problems, or you can choose to use some registry tools to diagnose your registry problems.


step 5

Defrag your hard drive for better performance.


As time passed by, there must be many fragments on your computer. In this occasion, you could download and install a disk defragment tool to defrag your hard drive.


step 6

Clean and remove junk files accumulated in your computer system.


Cleaning junk files and web browser temporary files is necessary. It will help you free up your disk and speed up your slow PC.


Recommended: If you find a manual solution  is time-consuming and high-risk, then try out a PC cleaner to help do all the work in a quick and easy way.


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