Why Computer Reboot/Restart Automatically?

Here comes this case that one users’ computer restart and reboot into system automatically. The user confirms he didn’t turn on automatically reboot in the setup and recovery. He also checked all the plug-in to find something related problem, but he failed. There’s nothing wrong wit the hardware. But what problem caused the computer to reboot automatically?


There’s possibility that the use may got Trojan virus infected with his computer. Here, I highly recommend he updated his antivirus program and have a full scan for the computer. As we all know that it’s very dangerous to have Trojan on compute. Trojan will steal any kind of use’s personal information; slow the computer down, and remote control of the infected computer.


To protect computer the personal information from being hacked, I suggest:

  • Installs a good antivirus program, and keeps the antivirus program daily updated;

  • Never download or execute unknown program;

  • Do not click any unknown links which may contain malicious adware or spyware;

  • Keeps firewall opened;


To remove the Trojan horse, victim can download and install Anvi Smart Defender to help them to do the operation. Of course, Trojan can also be remove manually, following instruction can help victim:

  • Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking:

  • Find and Stop Trojan running processes in the windows task manager;

  • Go to the Registry Editor, search and delete Trojan registry entries;Or you can just simply download and install a registry entries cleaner

  • Try to locate and remove all Trojan associated files;


For inexperience users, it’s better to remove with anti-Trojan tool; manual removal needs some computer skills, so if any mistakes are made in the manual removal process, it may cause some trouble to victims’ computer.

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