Why computer keeps crashing?

If you are experiencing a sudden computer crash for some unknown reasons, then read on to see what may cause that crash and learn ways to fix the problem.


Top reason: overheating CPU


The central processing units (CPU) are configured to shutdown when they overheating so as to protect your computer from damaging. Although a fan is equipped close to the CPU to help keep it cool, however, as the computer gets older, the fan will become older and dirtier too, all these contributes to slow of fan and fail of its task.



Clean your computer, especially the fan regularly to keep the cooling system efficient. Or exchange your fan to a larger and faster one.


Top reason: corrupt registry entries


Registry Errors can cause severe problem to your computer. Why? As the more programs you installed on your system, more registries will be recorded on your computer, even if you uninstall them later, some registry entries still remain there. Overtime, invalid registries will pile up which may make your registry system unwieldy.


At the very beginning you might only experience a significant computer slowdown, later freezes, at finally, computer crash.



The best way to avoid this kind of crash is to clear corrupt and invalid registry entries regularly and keep your registry system clean and high-efficient.


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Top reason: virus, spyware, or other malware infections


You should never overlook virus infections. They are a potential cause of computer crashes. Some virus can delete or corrupt your system files, which may lead to fatal system errors, and finally cause computer crashes.



Always use firewall protection and anti-virus software to prevent your PC from virus infection. Scan before downloading and installing a file or program. Never follow links contained within a suspicious email.


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