What to Do with Blue Screen Error on laptop?

Everyone who uses Windows system is very likely to encounter problem blue screen error, a.k.a. BSOD. Usually such issue is caused by hardware or hardware driver related error. However, the culprit of BSOD is also likely to be virus infections. Regardless of all, if you encounter the blue screen error on laptop or desktop PC, hopefully you will find the solutions in this article.


Frankly speaking, many errors in various aspects of computer can cause the blue screen of death. This makes difficult to accurately troubleshoot and fix the error. Whatever, following the basic steps that will be very likely to heal the blue screen of death may do you a favor. We are trying to make this fix easy and hopefully you will feel more relaxed to handle such problem. Or else you may get an expertise help from Microsoft service. Here we go.


step 1
Restart your computer and see if the blue screen still happens or not. In most situations, the blue screen error would disappear when you restart the computer.


step 2
Think about what software or hardware you’ve installed on the system recently, if the step 1 failed. If any, the recent installed software or hardware may be the culprit. So to remove what you’ve installed recently may help fix the error.


step 3
Avail yourself of a virus scanner to detect any harmful infection that may cause the problem. For this, try Anvi Smart Defender. Serious infections probably cause malfunction of the system, including BSOD.


step 4
If the blue screen error still exist, try rebooting the system in safe mode to start the system with the necessary software to troubleshoot potential causes of the error. If found, remove the culprit and restart the computer.


step 5
Make sure your RAM or memory is available at least 15% free space of total so as to enable smooth run of the PC.


step 6
You may also try system restore to a point that your computer ran normal.


step 7
If all fail, boot your computer with essential hardware only. Or else you may try to remove the device that is unnecessary for system run one by one so as to troubleshoot which device causes the STOP issue. In most cases, this way would solve the STOP issue or even figure out the particular issue with the device. If found, upgrade the device or replace it.


Note: It is a good habit to make sure your system up to date to Microsoft Windows packs and other updates to fix any possible Windows error. 

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