What Do I Do When My Computer Freezes

When there appears computer freezing in system starting up, there are often several reasons. There may be many programs starting. It can be also caused by infecting with viruses. There may be still software incompatibility.


How to deal with computer freezing.


step 1
Start Computer in Safe Mode


a. Turn on computer.
b. Press F8 repeatedly on our keyboard when our computer powers up.
c. Now we come into a prompt to start in Safe Mode.
d. Choose start in Safe Mode with network capabilities.


step 2
Check and Remove Viruses


a. Download Anvi Smart Defender
b. Full Scan our PC
c. Remove all threats found


step 3
Close startup programs


a. Click Start>Run


b. Type msconfig into the text box>OK



c. Go to the Startup window>Uncheck programs which you do not want to start with the system, and Delete ones you do not want to reserve.>OK



step 4
Restart the computer to normal
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