What Are Network Key WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES?

Simply speaking, network key WPA is equal to a password for security of your wireless networking activities. It is considerably significant to protect you from intruders with wireless networking. Well, learn more here about WPA network key.


Network WPA key is generated to secure wireless(Wi-Fi) networks. WPA and WPA 2, short for WiFi Protected Access, are two security protocols and security certification programs created in response to several serious weakness researchers had found in the previous system. WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy). WPA implements the majority of the IEEE 802.11i standard, and was intended as an intermediate measure to replace WEP while 802.11i was prepared. WPA is designed to work with all wireless network interface cards but not necessarily with first generation wireless access points, while WPA2 implements the full standard, but will not work with some older network cards.


WPA is designed for use with an 802.1X authentication server, which distributes different keys to each user. Nevertheless, it can also used in a less secure “pre-shared key”(PSK) mode, where every user is given the same pass-phrase. The Wi-Fi Alliance calls the pre-shared key version WPA-personal or WPA2-Personal and the 802.1X authentication version WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise.


Encryption Protocol


TKIP is short for Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. This RC4 stream cipher is used with a 128-bit per-packet key, meaning it dynamically generates a new key for each packet. It is used by WPA.


CCMP, often referred to as AES as well,is an AES-based encryption mechanism that is stronger than TKIP. It is used by WPA2. With some hardware manufacturers, AES-CCMP must be set to enable 802.11n high bit-rate schemes. Otherwise, the data rate will not exceed 54 Mbps.


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