Top 5 Free Computer Software View for Best PC Cleanup Software 2012

You guys are looking for the best PC cleanup software 2012 to optimize your system? Look here for view on 5 famous or newly released small tools with no fame yet for possible top picks as the best PC cleanup software 2012. Here we go.


I CCleaner


ccleaner This PC cleanup tool from UK with worldwide fame still ranks among the best computer optimization software in 2012 due to its speedy scanner as well as powerful yet resolute cleaning effects. The cleaning power of CCleaner is so great that every user must be attentive to make sure backup login information of some websites. Or if you are expertise user, set the software not to delete useful data.


II Cloud System Booster


the image of Cloud system booster download This is a newly released system optimizer that will do the downright work with speed. Its interface is simple, functional yet refreshing. It is developed to be integrated with cloud concept to clean the system with the least effort. This all-in-one PC cleanup tool is aimed to help users completely unclutter the computer with one click. For any reason, function or pleasingly personalized look, this small Cloud System Booster, sized at 5.4 M, does approve itself to be a potential top choice as best PC cleanup software 2012.


III  Anvi Smart Defender


the image of anvi smart defender download This is actually a package of security yet cleaning tool. It is a trend that many PC security programs packed with cleaning tool and the optimizing model of Anvi Smart Defender seems to be well performed one capturing the heart of many users already while the computer optimizing function of many other antivirus software actually perform just so so. In a word, the optimizing function of Anvi Smart Defender can make it rank among the potential top system optimizer choice regardless of other all.


V   Easy Cleaner


easy cleaner This is also an all-in-one PC cleaning software for free with simply compact interface similar to CCleaner but it is different from Ccleaner. Easy Cleaner is claimed to be a small handy cleaning tool for PC and although its cleaning performance may be not in the same line as CCleaner or not so nice yet functional with speed like Cloud System Booster, but some users used to simple yet visual functional piece may prefer to this one for its downright function but not much popular looking with personalized skin like Cloud System Booster alike trendy PC cleanup tools released 2012.


V AVG Free

avg free Similar to Anvi Smart Defener, AVG free edition is also packed with PC cleaning tool to comprehensively protect the computer. May some users are accustomed to use called famous security software like AVG, Avast or Norton. And this AVG free does get a well-performing accelerator to meet our need with respect to its computer cleaning function. However, its cleaning speed is not so much satisfactory, honestly speaking. Whatever, it’s free yet with some spotlight function like its accelerator, so maybe this one could meet some personal preference.

To the conclusion, free PC cleaning tools 2012 could be a lot and to select a trendy one or just great functional one seems a savvy idea for smooth PC use all the time. According to my personal experiences, I highly recommend you choose the trendy Cloud System Booster with efficient cleaning performance for a rewarding try. And of course, the famous CCleaner is surely a good one as traditional option. Whatever you choose, hopefully you have a nice yet enjoyable PC use. If any question or any idea about PC cleanup tool, contact us.


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