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How to Remove RelevantKnowledge

RelevantKnowledge is an adware, and it comes and originates from Netherlands. Many users  may think that it's just a online survey, and its purpose is survey-related. According  to our analysis, it will keep track of some significant privacy information, so …

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January 30, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 2,904 views
How to Uninstall Crystalys Media? (Removal Guide)

What is Crystalys Media?   Crystalys Media is an adware that can often generate pop-up commercial advertisements. It can drop the finle tvm.exe to our system and hijack IE search functions.   Why should we remove it?   Crystalys Media …

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January 30, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 1,799 views
How to Uninstall iBryte (Removal Guide)

iBryte is an adware that invades your browser and replaces your homepage with its own. It is not as harmful as other mal-wares but it annoys you with so many commercial ads and can eventually bring you into the trouble …

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January 29, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 1,932 views
How to Remove Adware.WinAdClient

What is Adware.WinAdClient Adware.WinAdClient is malicious trojan to damage your computer and modify windows system files. This trojan virus is prone to display several advertisements and change settings on a computer without permission. Remove Adware.WinAdClient Manually 1. Press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to …

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January 29, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 2,234 views
How to Get Rid of Cdn.fastclick.net Pop-up

Have you encountered this PC problems? When you open your Internet Explorer, you got a pop-up to ask you to download a file from cdn.fastclick.net. If your answer is YES, we sure that your Internet Explorer is hijacked by this …

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January 29, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 4,812 views
How to Remove Adware.TMAgentBar virus

Adware.TMAgentBar is a trojan virus that wears a mask of advertisement program. It displays advertisements, though a little annoying, but seems to be harmless to your computer. Nevertheless, this virus can be far more destructive than that.   Adware TMAgentBar …

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January 29, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 2,354 views
How to Remove You Are Missing a Plugin to Play Videos Popup Virus

You are missing a plugin to play videos is a fake alert appearing at the lower right corner of webpage. Once infected by this popup ad virus, you will be shown annoying video screen with this fake alert and a …

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January 28, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 7,398 views
How to Remove Searchmobileonline.com?

Searchmobileonline.com is a typical Google redirect virus, which not only affects Windows users, but also plants deep impact on Smartphone users. We’ve heard many complaints about this hijacker: It’s stupid, it hijacks my browser, changes my default homepage to Searchmobileonline.com. …

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January 23, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 3,839 views
How to Uninstall 1clickdownloader? (Removal Guide)

Many picked up 1clickdownloader by accident and which often downloads something without users’ clear understanding or permission. And more are finding it is hard to be uninstalled from Control Panel. So that is where the problem lies. Other consequences include …

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January 16, 2013 by Tyler Brewer / 2,102 views