Some Tips about System Optimization

Remove Never-used Programs


Many computer manufacturers installed programs you didn't order and even do notwant, including trial and limited version. The software company hope to try outthese programs to find the benefits, and then upgrade to full and updateversion. If you make sure you don't need these softwares, it had better to remove them to leave more memory and disk space and processing power, speeding up computer.


The best thing to do is unload all unnecessary programs, such as manufacturers’installation software, softwares and hard wares helping adjust computer andothers. Practical program (such as virus scanning program, disk cleanupprograms and backup tools) stealthily run when starting, and with the way youunaware of quietly in the background operation. Many people did not know thepractical programs are running.


Limit the number of startup programs


Many procedures are designed to run when starting windows. Software manufacturers often set these programs to open in the background (you can see these and runthe program), so when you click on these programs icon, they will be opened immediately. Actually, it is beneficial for you to open the program you use frequently, but waste precious memory and slow windows speed for programs whichare always less in use.


Pick up hard drive defragment


Defragmentin hard drive can reduce the speed of computer. Defragment program canrearrange fragments data to help hard drive work more efficiently. And it canautomatically run as planned, but also can pick up manually.


Check the Virus and Spyware


If your computers run slowly, maybe infected by virus. Different from other problems, you need to check computer by antispyware many times.


It is common to become more slower than other computers once infected by virus.Otherwise, signs, including pop up unexpected news, program start automatically and sound from hard drive.

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