Slow Computer Troubleshooting-Should I Delete Cookies from My Computer?

Cookies are believed to be partly responsible for slow computer regardless there are a variety of aspects for slow computer troubleshooting. However, there may be still dispute about whether should delete cookies or not. Then here you will figure out the answer to such a question like “should I delete cookies from my computer”.


What Are Cookies?


Simply speaking, cookies are created by websites to track preferences of users so as to speed up visiting or just facilitate users to log in or use shopping card. Generally speaking, cookies are harmless and small text files that record users information or rather identification so that the website can recognize the user when she or he opens the website again. Moreover, cookies are also used for websites to collect users’ browsing habits or even privacy information.
What differentiate Cookies?


The first-party cookies—usually, the first-party cookies are just created by website service provider in order to enable them identify the user yet make the visiting more convenient and enjoyable. The cookies generated are just accessible by website servicer only and usually cookies created would automatically terminate while the website is closed. There cookies are called session cookies not saved in the hard drive. Nevertheless, there are also some cookies, known as persistent, permanent or stored cookies, that retain user preferences for a particular website allowing those preferences to be used in future browsing sessions. Such cookies can be used to identify individual users, so they may be used by web sites to analyse user’s surfing behaviour within the website. These cookies can also be sued to provide information about numbers of visitors, the average time spent on a particular page and generally the performance of the web site. They are usually configured to keep track of users for a prolonged period of time, in some cases many years into the future.
The third-party cookies—Chances are some third party reject a script to a website and while you are visiting the site, it will generate a cookie stored on your computer to track your browsing habits (for advertisement target in most cases).
Flash cookies-While both the first party cookies and the third party cookies belong to HTTP cookies, flash cookies are only generated by Adobe flash players that most users has installed. Such cookies will still exist even after your use browser tools to delete all cookies. Learn more how to clean flash cookies.


What potential risks with Cookies on the computer?

Usually the first party cookies, including session cookies and persistent cookies , are useful. As session cookies are not saved, if you delete the persistent cookies, you may find it hard to log in some sites as all your saved personal preferences like username and password are lost after the delete. As for the third party cookies, nothing adverse will happen to your surfing after the delete.


However, cookies saved on your computer will accumulate over time and far worse is that some hackers may find ways to access to your privacy to do some tricks. It is potentially dangerous. Needless to say the third party cookies, they are created for undecent purpose and therefore they should be definitely removed.


It is believed that cookies accumulated on your computer will consume system resources resulting in slow PC performance. So cookies removal or rather unuseful cookies removal is necessary for speeding up pc yet privacy protection.


As you may get your answer to “should I delete cookies from my computer, again it is advised to delete unuseful cookies on a regular basis for either speed up PC or privacy protection. Software to remove cookies or unclutter your system is available here for free. Cloud system booster is at your choice here. Or you want to safeguard your PC while optimizing the system, try Anvi Smart Defender.


Find more details on how to delete cookies in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

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