Sims 3 Keeps Freezing-4 ways to solve

In these days, many people are complaining their sims 3 games keep freezing every 5-10 seconds interval. Although you brows some other websites, The Sims pop up. There also exist other problems.


However, all these can be summarized into 4 categories.


1. You PC may be infected viruses, malware, spyware or other threats. So they can interrupt you playing Sims 3 as you open it.
2. Although you install some antivirus software, it maybe a fake one which is a malware or spyware.


But it is lucky that the two problems can be perfectly solved by Anvi Smart Defender with one click Full Scan, after finishing it, then one click Remove.


3. There also exist that you install an useless software as you set up an antivirus software. The useless software is contained in it without telling you in a conspicuous place. So some antivirus software mentioned it would take up a little more PC space. The situation causes your bad PC performance.


It can be solved that we should be used to cleaning up our registry regularly.


Click “Start” menu, then click “run” and type “registry” into the text field and press “Enter”. Now you can access many different entries in our pc registry. It is separated into primary sections:

Click the plus to find and delete entries in the registry that you know are eithercausing conflicts or no longer necessary.


4. It is a common situation that there are many toolbar installations as you open a browser. Although they can remind you, you can be careless to click them.

Toolbar Removal Guide


Step 1

Click the Tools menu in the Firefox browser or any other browser

Step 1

Click Add-ons from the drop down menu

Step 1

Select XXX! Toolbar and click Uninstall button

Step 1

Again click on Uninstall on XXX!

Step 1

Exit Add-ons window and restart your browser.


After finish this article,  we are glad we summarized sims 3 freezing problems and supply these solution. I hope it can help more and more people enjoy Sims 3 with smooth.



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