Remove virus and SweetIM Toolbar? (Uninstall Guide)

Browser homepage keeps being redirected to This post mainly introduces the removal guide to help you uninstall SweetIM and virus from Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome completely. Please read more. is a browser hijacker which is trigged by the installation of SweetPacks toolbar. Many us report as a virus, but as a matter as fact, it is not virus related. It is an annoying browser extension that take deceive means to install on your computer under you inadvertent conscious.

Below is a screenshot of



From its official site, we learn that sweetim toolbar or sweetpacks toolbar are claiming to enhance your messaging experience and express yourself in creative ways across online platforms (messenger, email etc.). It is true that it can offer cool expression but it is also suspected to deliver advertisement. After install sweetIM toolbar, you may find that when you start your browser, it open automatically and ads are displayed on the homepage. When open a new tab, it still open automatically. See screenshot as displayed below:

What’s more, toolbar or Sweetpacks tool is advertisement supported programs When install, it adds PriceGong and/or DealPly on your web browser without asking your permission. As we all know that PriceGong and DealPly is adware program which are suspecting to collect personal information from targeted computer.

To sum up, you may have following symptom on your computer if you have got virus.


  • Your homepage being redirected to

  • Your search engine has been altered to SweetIM search.

  • Adware, such as PriceGong and/or DealPly added to your web browser to distribute pop-up ads.

  • Browser responds slowly and get crash unexpectedly.


From all above, you are highly encouraged to uninstall virus and sweetIM toolbar as soon as possible with following instruction. virus and SweetIM Toolbal Removal Instruction:

step 1

Run Anti-malware scan to kill virus.


To make it easier to uninstall this redirect virus, we recommend you download and install Anvi Smart Defender to remove potential malicious infections.

Anvi Smart Defender Download


After you download and install the recommended program, please make run a quick or full scan to detect and remove the malicious infections. (Full scan is recommended).


By clicking on the View Detail button, you can check the detail detection of certified malicious infections as displayed below.


Note: Anvi Smart Defender Pro version offer ultimate real-time protection as well as registry fix. You are recommended to install Anvi Smart Defender Pro version to ensure security of your computer operating system.



step 2

Uninstall SweetIM Toolbar or Sweetpacks toolbar from Control Panel

Before you go to uninstall SweetIM Toolbar, please make sure you are logging on your computer as an Administrator or with Administrator privilege.

Please go to the Start Menu. Select Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control Panel → Uninstall a Program.

Search for SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks in the list. Select the program and click Remove button.
If you are using Windows Vista/7, click Uninstall up near the top of that window.


Click Remove again to confirm your operation when pop up you SweetIM Bundle by SweetPacks uninstaller.


You may have installed different sweetim program on your computer, such as SweetIM for Messenger“, “SweetPacks Toolbar for Internet Explorer” and “Update Manager for SweetPacks“, please make sure to uninstall them all.


Browser Problem Troubleshooting Tips for Google Chrome and Firefox:

After you remove the sweetim from your computer, if you still find problem on your web browser, please follow tips below to troubleshoot your problem.


Remove add-ons and extensions

The redirect virus may downloads and installs unexpected malicious toolbar or extension on your browser, make sure removing them all.
In Google Chrome click the wrench icon, navigate to Tools > Extensions and remove any malicious extension from the list.
In Mozilla Firefox navigate to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions and remove all malicious extensions.

Delete additional unwanted Search Engine settings
The search engines always come together with toolbar or extension; please make sure removing or disabling the malicious search engines before you repair the home page.

In Google Chrome, click the wrench icon and navigate to Settings > Manage search engines… click the X next to any suspicious search engines.
In Mozilla Firefox, click the small search magnify glass near the search box (not url/search field) and click “Manage Search Engines…”.

Repair Homepage (start up page) settings
In Google Chrome click the wrench icon and navigate to Settings. Click “Set pages” under the On startup option. Remove any malicious websites and replace with your preferred URL.
In Mozilla Firefox navigate to Tools > Options. Under the General tab remove any malicious URL from the “Home Page:” field and replace with your preferred home page.

It would be easier for you to repair if you have problem on your Internet Explorer because Anvisoft team has developed a free tool Anvi Browser repair to fix any problem caused by redirect virus.

The tool is installation free. To use it, please turn to Anvi Smart Defender toolbox tab, double click on Anvi Browser Repair tool and your problem will be fixed automatically.


At last, you may notice that in Anvi Smart Defender toolbox, there are more tools availabe for use. Anvi Browser Repair tool and Windows Update Download are free for use. You can also use Anvi AD Blocker if you upgrade Anvi Smart Defender to Pro version.


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