My computer keeps crashing, why?

Computer crash is no doubt a hell, suppose you are writing something important in word, excel, or email, but suddenly receive a Blue Screen of Death, will you be mad? All unsaved information will be lost; no time left to you to copy a backup.


Computer crash is a common situation that Microsoft Windows users meet. What to do when come across the Blue Screen of Death? Start from here to learn solutions, as well as practical ways to prevent it happening.


step 1

Check your CPU to see whether it’s overheating.


If your computer has worked for more than 3 years, your CPU probably gets old. The fan which is used to keep the CPU cool might accumulate dust and become low-efficient. So your CPU’s working situation becomes worse and worse, finally causes computer crash.


Clean your computer, especially the fan often to maintain a good working situation. Or, you can choose to get a bigger better fan to work for CPU.


step 2

Power supply Problems.


When meeting a computer crash, don’t panic at first, check your power supply to see whether it is cut off. If yes, then there’s no need to worry about your computer itself. Although a sudden shutdown of computer caused by power cut might bring some computer errors, and any unsaved data will be lost, however, it’s better to know the crash isn’t caused by a virus or fatal system error.


Consider buying an uninterrupted power supply, which will give you a certain time to perform a controlled shutdown in case you meet a power cut.


step 3

Full Hard Disk Drive.


When you experience a significantly applications slowing down, or installation problems, you might face a computer freeze and crash not so far. Full and fragmented hard disk drive is another main cause of computer crash.


To solve the problem, you need to run disk defragment often to free up disk space. Click here to learn how to defrag hard disk.


step 4

Insufficient RAM.


A computer’s RAM plays a very important part in the computer processing speed. A computer can run fast with few programs running, but will become slow if there’s exceeding programs running at background at the same time. Upgrade the RAM capacity can solve the problem. However, close unused programs and avoid running too many at the same time are the only efficient way to save your computer from crash caused by insufficient RAM in the long run.


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