Malware Monday: DNS Changer Related Internet Connection Losing-Solutions

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According to FBI, the Internet System Consortium will be permanently shut down which is deployed to replace the servers of DNS changer virus, rootkit, malware, whatever you call it on July 9th, 2012. DNS changer is a widespreading virus that has unkownably infected millions of computers around the world. It will redirect the users from trusted websites to other malicious or ad-full sites to mislead the traffic flow. Since being detected in 2007 and shut down the servers by FBI last year, there have been a lot of detailed reports, repeated warnings and urgent news related. Since this is the bottom day for the risk of losing Internet services on July 9th, we Anvisoft Lad reoutline the solution to DNS Changer infection for users' convenience.


How to check if your computer is infected by DNS changer


If you are in America, quickly check the IP address by visit the website This link is a direct check link and the result will be directed showed up for great convenience for users.


If you are out of Ameria, check the following website to rightly and quickly check if your computer is infected or not.


Note: Even if your computer is clean off DNS changer viurs, there are still possbilities that your router is infected by it. So to further reassure that, you have to also check out whether the router is infected or not. 


To look up which DNS servers your Windows 7 PC, for instance, is using, go Start->Run the Command Prompt applicaiton/type cmd in the Search field. Once the command prompt open, type ipcongif/allcompartments/all at the command line and press Enter. A big block of text should appear, scroll through it until you see a line that says 
DNS servers', and copy down the strings of numbers that follow (there may be more than one string here, meaning that your PC access more than one DNS server).

Once you've get the IP address and your DNS server, head it over to the FBI's website: and copy the DNS server number to the search box, click the blue Check Your DNS button to check it if the malicious server of DNS changer virus. That is easy and simple enough.


What to do with DNS Changer Infection?


If you are unfortunately infected by DNS changer or associated with DNS changer's server, go below steps to quickly corrent that and get your computer on the safe side


The best way to totally eliminate the DNS changer infection is to back up your important data and reformate the harddrives and reinstall your windows Operation System. 


If you are leery of reinstalling the entire system, you may root out this rootkit virus by using some free tools like TDSS killer from Kaspersky, which is also efficient to remove other rootkits even though it is specially for TDSS rootkit removal. Also you may attempt to use other antimalware like Anvi Smart Defender to handle this. 


You need to reset the router to default settings or just set it against the DNS changer DNS lists released by FBI. You may see more details at the previous article How to get free of DNS changer.


When all the above steps done, repeat the DNS check steps stated above to reassure your computer is not related to the DNS changer . And then you will have little fair about the Internet Dooms day on July 9th, tomorrow Monday.

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