How to Unlock Your Computer from Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 Ransomware? (Ransomware Removal Help)


Your computer has been locked by Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 all of a sudden? You are prevented from anything but an accessible site to enable you pay the alleged “penalty fine $100 or $200” to unlock your PC? Never take this seriously and learn more here to get rid of this scam, rogue, ransomware.



This Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 virus makes its appearance recently in Ireland and European countries to trick unsuspicious users with some old social engineering tactics. It is another bugger from the FBI Moneypak, or rather the An Garda Síochána-Ireland’s National Police Service ransomware. But it just comes up on the infected computer as so called Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012. Be aware of this bogus warning that claims that the computer user has been involved in illegal activity, such as downloaded or distributed copyrighted material or viewed child pornography, and demands a penalty fine of $ 100 or 200$ be paid to unlock the computer system within the allotted time of 72 hours. It even attempts to scare the user that if the fine is paid in time, the user would be in jail for that its make-up excuse. You all users can just ignore such a nasty notification and find ways to get rid of it instantly because even if you pay that fine, there would be nothing happen but leak of your financial data to hackers.


The Screenshot of  Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 ransomware

the image of  Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 ransomware removal


Be conscious of this ransomware look and never let it do the trick.



How to Remove Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 Infection


Due to its overwhelming similarities with An Garda Síochána-Ireland’s National Police Service ransomware infection and FBI moneyPak infection, you may refer to the removal guide of the two as nice tries to go.


How to use System Restore to recover your computer?


Step1, Unplug your Internet Cable and boot your computer into safe mode or normal mode. Please note that you should log in as administrator. By disconnecting your operating system from Internet, Meister Penalty Document Ransomware Virus will be disabled to run on your computer.


Step2, Access windows Start menu and click All Programs


Step3, Click and open Accessories, click System Tools, and then click System Restore.


If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.


Step4, Restore your computer to a date and time before infection.


Step5, Restart your computer and connect your Internet to download Anvi Smart Defender. I still highly recommend you run a full scan on your computer to completely remove the leftover of the virus.


Alternative Removal Option by using Anvi Rescue Disk


If your computer is severely infected and you are disabled to boot into safe mode, you are highly encouraged to follow the below instruction to recover your computer by using Anvi Rescue Disk.

1. Download the Anvi Rescue Disk iso image file Rescue.iso and the USB disk production tool BootUsb.exe from Anvisoft official site. (Direct download link)

Please note that Rescue.iso is a large file download; please be patient while it downloads.


2. Record Anvi Rescue Disk iso image to USB drive. You can also record the iso image to a CD/DVD, and the tutorial is included in the download file.

Connect USB to computer. You’d better backup your important data and format your USB drive before use it to record the iso image.


Locate your download folder and double-clicking on BootUsb.exe to start it. And then click “Choose File” button to browser into your download folder and select Rescue.iso file as your source file.

Select the path of USB drive, such as drive H:

Click “Start Burning” to start the burn of USB Rescue Disk boot drive.

Please close BootUsb.exe tool after you successfully burn the file to USB drive when you get following message.

Now, you have bootable Anvi Rescue Disk to repair your computer.


3. Start your infected computer and configure your computer to boot from USB drive/DV/DVD that recorded Anvi Rescue Disk. Basically, you can use F8 to load USB boot menu.


For different motherboard, you may need to use the Delete or F2, F11 keys, to load theBIOS menu. Normally, the information how to enter the BIOS menu is displayed on the screen at the start of the OS boot.


4. After you enter Anvisoft Rescue Disk menu, please selected your preferred language and press Enter to continue.


5. Now you are in the mini Operating system, please double click Rescue tool to start Anvi Rescue disk.


6. Please run a full scan by clicking the “Scan Computer” button in the middle of the program to detect and kill the PC lockup virus.


7. Clicking “Fix Now” to remove the detected threat by Anvi Rescue Disk.

8. Switch to Repair tab. Scan and fix the registry error with the “Repair” module of Anvi Rescue Disk.

Important Notice: You must repair the registry error after kill the virus. You are probably disabled to boot your Windows without fixing registry damaged by the virus.


Ransomware Infection Prevent
You’d better get your computer better protection from such ransomware and other malware infections with Anvi Smart Defender 1.8, which is an antimalware built in a smart, light way to supplement antivirus guard your computer from diverse infections. Give it a try for free now.
Anvi Smart Defender 1.8the image of anvi smart defender download 27.6 mb


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