How to Uninstall Toolbar?

Your homepage has been changed and your searching results have been redirected to It seems so much similar to a browser hijacker virus that many people do discuss about this around. I mean forums as well as some virus removal blogs. However, you have right to get the truth about this.

To be concise, is actually an online search engine from Conduit Software regardless that it makes many users frustrating because its toolbar makes unauthorized changes to the web browser settings. This Browser Helper Object is usually accessed through a toolbar for the web browser, and in most cases, users are unknown when they install this, so no wonder that it appears so much like a browser hijacker or redirect virus.

How to Uninstall Toolbar? is not a malware despite it is frustrating somehow. To uninstall this web browser helper object would be easy, similar to ways to uninstall other legitimate programs via Add/delete programs in Control Panel. However, in IE and Firefox, its toolbar seems only to be uninstalled manually. Then here refer to the detailed simple uninstall instruction related:

Uninstall Toolbar in IE

Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools → Manage Add-ons.

Select Search Providers. First of all, choose Bing search engine and make it your default search provider( set as default), And then select Web Search and Click Remove button to uninstall it.

Click Tools →Internet Options. Select General tab and click Use default button or enter your own website, for instance instead of Click OK to save the changes.

Uninstall Toolbar in Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter to display the list of preferences.

Now in the filter field, type in conduit and press Enter.

Double click the browser.startup.homepage preference. Delete and type in or whatever you like. Click OK.

Go to Tools →Options. Under the General tab reset the startup homepage. That’s it.


Remove all invalid registry entries and junks files created by

After you manually uninstall toolbar from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox please download and install the latest version of Cloud System Booster to clean and delete all the invalid registry entries and junk files created by

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Cloud System Booster is a system maintenance and optimizer tool which is designed to improve the performance of a computer by cleaning the junk files and optimizing the windows service. It can not repair a slow computer caused by virus infection. Cloud System Booster free version will not clean junks files generated by applications and software.

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Anvisoft team is striving to provide users with useful information on virus removal or system optimization and also we have been working hard on developing powerful security software as well as handy system optimizer software to meet your practical need. Should you have any problem, please post your issue below. We will answer your question as soon as possible. Thank you for your support to Anvisoft.
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