How to Uninstall PC Utilities Pro–Optimizer Pro virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)?

If a computer optimizer named Optimizer Pro automatically scan out lots of computer problems and ask you to fix these computer problems, you should be attentive right now. In the reality, the Optimizer Pro is fake computer optimization software. The alerts stating your computer is at risk are bogus notification. Users should neglect it and remove the fake optimization program as soon as possible. This article helps you get rid of it effectively. Read more.
Description (Rogueware Description)
The Optimizer Pro is classified as rogueware, which pops up bogus alerts saying that there are lots of computer issues to be fixed. Usually, the rogueware disguises itself as a real antivirus program, optimizer or helpful tool. And then, it can deservedly scan the computer and give alerts stating that there are a lot of computer issues. After that, it will strongly recommend users fix these problems. However, all of the previous steps are just paved for the following climax. If users accept the suggestions and decide to fix all of the problems, the rogueware will ask them to pay a full version. The last action totally reveals the true color of the rogueware.

So does the Optimizer Pro. After scan the computer quickly, a window pops up and says that the computer may be at risk of crashes and slow performance. Users are persuaded to fix the errors using the Optimizer Pro. If users fix the so-called problems using the Optimizer Pro, then the Optimizer Pro will ask users to buy the license key. However, the so-called problems are never fixed even through users pay the money because the so-called problems do not exist at all.

Way of infection
There are many ways the Optimizer Pro enters into the computer. It usually comes bundled with free software downloads. For instance, the Optimizer Pro is installed on the computer after users download and install a media player, a computer game or other applications. Besides, the Optimizer Pro can enter into the computer through clicking malicious links, downloading unknown programs or visiting porn websites. Either way, the Optimizer Pro is aimed at stealing users’ money. It is highly recommended you eliminate it as soon as possible.

How to Uninstall Optimizer Pro (Rogueware Removal Guide)?

Method 1 Remove Optimizer Pro manually
Step 1 Remove Optimizer Pro from control panel
Step 2 Show hidden files and folders
Step 3 Delete the malicious files and entries of Optimizer Pro
Method 2 Remove Optimizer Pro using Anvi Smart Defender
Step 1 Kill Optimizer Pro virus using Anvi Smart Defender
Step 2 Clean invalid registry entries and leftovers using Cloud System Booster

Method 1 Remove Optimizer Pro manually


step 1

Remove Optimizer Pro from control panel

Windows 8
Move mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Settings on Charms bar and go to Control Panel. Select Uninstall a program and remove Optimizer Pro related programs.
Windows XP
Go to Start, navigate to Settings and click on Control Panel, navigate to Add or Remove Programs, choose Programs and Features, find Optimizer Pro related programs, and hit Remove.
Windows 7/Vista
Go to Start, navigate to Control Panel, select Uninstall a program/Programs and Features, find Optimizer Pro related programs, and click on Uninstall.


step 2

Show hidden files and folders

Start button>Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options>View tab.

Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


step 3

Delete the malicious files and entries of Optimizer Pro

1 Find and remove the following malicious files of Optimizer Pro.
Go to Start, type the following routes in the search box one by one:

%PROGRAMFILES%\Optimizer Pro\*.*
%DESKTOP%\Optimizer Pro.lnk
%STARTUP%\Optimizer Pro.lnk
%STARTUP%\Optimizer Pro on the Web.lnk
%STARTUP%\Uninstall Optimizer Pro.lnk

2 Search and delete the following registries of Optimizer Pro
Press the Start button and then choose the option Run. In the Open field, type regedit, click the OK button and then delete the following registries of Optimizer Pro.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run|Optimizer Pro


Method 2 Remove Optimizer Pro using Anvi Smart Defender

Anvi Smart Defender is a powerful anti-malware tool, which can help users prevent malicious software such as virus, Trojan, adware, spyware and so on. The light and smart swordfish scan engine will not consume extra resources to influence the operation of the computer. And here we recommend you the Anvi Smart Defender antimalware and use it for demonstration.

step 1

Kill Optimizer Pro virus using Anvi Smart Defender

1 Reboot your computer to safe mode with networking.
Windows XP and Windows 7
Press and hold the F8 key as computer starts but before Windows launches.

Note: If pressing and holding the F8 key only gets you a stuck key message, which means you failed to reach the Windows Advanced Options Menu, you should tap the F8 key continuously instead to get the screen.
Windows 8
Restart into Advanced Startup options menu. Click Troubleshoot button>Advanced options. Under the Advanced option, click Startup settings. Click on the Restart button. Restart into Startup Settings screen. Press 5 to boot in Safe Mode with Networking.
2 Install the Anvi Smart Defender Anti-Malware software
3 Launch the program.
Free version users: please update the database following the prompt.
Existing version users: please update the software by navigating to Settings > Update tab.
4 Scan the malware infecting the computer system.
Click on the second tab labeled Scan, find full scan option and hit Scan button to perform a full system scan.

5 Check out the detailed results and remove the malicious files once and for all
After full scan, the scan results are displayed. Click on View Details to see detailed results and click on Remove button to completely remove the malicious files from your system.

step 2

Clean invalid registry entries and leftovers using Cloud System Booster

After the rogueware virus removal, there are invalid registry entries as well as any leftovers left in the computer. These junks files will slow down the computer. It is highly recommended that you get rid of the junks files using Cloud System Booster—a computer cleaner initially designed to clean and optimize your computer by throwing out junk data on disk, registry, and more unneeded Windows files. If you have any question, please feel free to get in touch for help.
1 Download and install Cloud System Booster
2 Run the Cloud System Booster
Click on the Boost button on the main screen to run a full scan, and hit Clean button to remove these junk files, malicious registry entries, etc.

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8 thoughts on “How to Uninstall PC Utilities Pro–Optimizer Pro virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)?

  1. This totally worked for me! I didn’t have to download anything. Thank you so much! Months of VERY ANNOYING ‘Rogueware’ is gone! You rock 🙂

    • Hi,

      Yes, the program can be removed or uninstalled easily from your computer with manual measure.

  2. Of course, we are different from Optmizer pro program.

    We offer both free version and Pro version. We did not distribute our program via bundling with other programs.

  3. Due to this program I appear to no longer have anything other than a browser. As such I am not able to get to the options menu within Windows 8. How should I proceed in getting rid of this program?

  4. My wife was working, downloaded a FTP program, that was what she did to download, but then this thing pops up, she is complaining she cannot move to Desktop screen after Welcome screen. She cannot use the computer at all, after Welcome screen it goes directly to the screen, first two picture files you have in this article. She cannot even go to Start Menu to go to Control Panel.
    Because of language barrier she has, and she cannot use internet because of what is happening, she can do nothing at this moment. I am at work, she has to wait for 7 hours for me to come home and see the computer.
    Why doesn’t appropriate department of the government do something about this kind of companies? They are causing innocent people problems for hours without any agreement made and wants people to pay them for nothing or for being ‘fooled’ with their fake program that is good for nothing?

  5. Hi, Paul, I am so sorry for what happened to your computer. For now there is no such authority can stop those rogue software. All we can do is be very careful when surfing on the Internet.

    By the way is there any problem for you to remove this PC Utilities Pro-Optimizer Pro from your wife’s computer?

    • Thank you, Frances.
      Problem is, there is no way to see the desktop screen, it goes from Welcome screen to totally black screen without any icons visible at all. I cannot use any keyboard command or anything.
      I read an article, to start on safe mode with networking(F8 button), I have started the computer and able to go to Program-Uninstall Program, and uninstalled the PC Optimizer Pro successfully, but the problem is still the same, from Welcome screen to directly totally black screen with no icon, not even one except an arrow, only difference is that there is no pop up about PC Optimizer Pro for about 5 min., I could not wait any longer than that.
      I have uninstalled all the program installed on the same day, two different vaccine programs ran on full scan found no threat, I cannot download the Windows Defender, or anything…
      I am feeling like to format this computer, and if possible to I’d like to consult with an attorney about this matter…
      It is 9 : 50 PM, I will have to work on this computer or she won’t be able to do her work tomorrow missing dead line…

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