How to Uninstall IMVU Toolbar (IMVU Toolbar Removal Guide)


What is IMVU toolbar

IMVU is an online social website that users can create their own 3D avatars to meet new friends, chat and play game. IMVU claims that if you install IMVU toolbar you can get 1,000 promo credits. For this purpose, many users installed it but afterward they found it is hard to uninstall. IMVU toolbar may slow down your PC and internet connection speed. Below is the list of how to uninstall IMVU toolbar effectively from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome step by step.


How to remove IMVU toolbar from Internet Explorer

1. Access Control Panel after clicking Start.
2, Click Add/Remove Program and scroll to find IMVU toolbar.
3, Click Change/Remove button to begin uninstalling.
4, Click Yes on the confirm pop up window to continue. IMVU toolbar will be uninstalled automatically.


How to uninstall IMVU toolbar from Mozilla Firefox

1, Open Firefox, click Add-ons on Tools drop down menu.
2, Select Extensions tab and click Uninstall button under IMVU toolbar.
3, Follow its steps to uninstall.
4, Restart Firefox. IMVU toolbar is successfully uninstalled from Firefox.


How to uninstall IMVU toolbar from Google Chrome


1, Open Google Chrome and click the setting icon on the right of address bar.
2, Click Tools and select Extensions.
3, Find IMVU toolbar and click Remove to begin uninstalling.
4, Click Uninstall button on the Confirm Uninstallation pop up window.
5, Restart Google Chrome to take the uninstallation effective.

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    • Hi Rhiannon,

      It is a 3-Bars icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome web browser.

      If you still have problem to find the wrench icon, please refer to following post.

      You can learn how to remove unwanted tools from Google Chrome web browser with image attached.

      Should you have any problem, please let me know.

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