How to Uninstall Crystalys Media? (Removal Guide)

What is Crystalys Media?

Crystalys Media is an adware that can often generate pop-up commercial advertisements. It can drop the finle tvm.exe to our system and hijack IE search functions.

Why should we remove it?


  • Crystalys Media is an unwanted adware, spreading though Trojan infection.
  • It may bring additional Trojans to your PC, threatening our privacy.
  • It can also cause Windows XP to crash on startup.
  • It can cause system instability and frequent errors.


How to remove it?


step 1

End its process.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to launch Windows Task Manager, find and stop all Crystalys Media process in the Windows Task Manager.

step 2

Uninstall the program through Control Panel.

Go to Control Panel, find and uninstall Crystalys Media program from Add/Remove Programs

step 3

Remove Crystalys Media associated registry entries.

 Open windows registry with “regedit.exe” command to remove its registry files.

step 4

Run Cloud System Booster to clean out other junk files and hidden files.

This is to make sure all Crystalys Media residues are cleaned out from your system.
Other benefits: Cloud System Booster is designed to clean out junk files, invalid registry entries, and other corrupt system files to release larger disk space so as to speed up your PC performance. Get one to optimize your system now.

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