How to Uninstall ALOT Toolbar

What Is the ALOT Toolbar


ALOT Toolbar is not a secure toolbar like Google toolbar. Although it provides apps, such as music and games, the real purpose it not so simple. Firstly, if your web browser was installed ALOT Toolbar, your homepage must be changed. This is not permitted if PC users don’t know about it. Secondly, if you want search something on its site, it will not provide you with useful information, but only advertisements. If you click these search results, the toolbar developer will earn money from clicking. So you should delete it from your browser as soon as possible.


ALOT Toolbar was installed on your computer through many ways, such as installed with software without your permission, installed by clicking advertisements through web browser, etc. What’s biggest profit is that it will collect your search habit, and sell this information to some company for bad business. Your traffic is also a big source of their profit. Don’t be misled by these tricky apps, but forget that you are fooled.


Why ALOT Toolbar Is Unwanted


A regular toolbar will not be installed without users’ permission, and it’s easily to uninstall. But ALOT Toolbar is not behaving like this, it may act like as follows:


  • Hide itself from Program Files Folder.
  • You can’t find it out on the Add/Remove Programs listings.
  • ALOT Toolbar will not show itself on the browser’s adds-on listings.


How Do I Know If I Have ALOT Toolbar Installed


    • You will discover a toolbar similar to the following in your web browser.


delete alot toolbar


  • Run HiajckThis, you will find the following items.


R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =

O2 - BHO: ALOT Toolbar - {5AA2BA46-9913-4dc7-9620-69AB0FA17AE7} - C:\Program Files\alot\bin\alot.dll

O3 - Toolbar: ALOT Toolbar - {5AA2BA46-9913-4dc7-9620-69AB0FA17AE7} - C:\Program Files\alot\bin\alot.dll


How to Delete ALOT Toolbar


step 1

Click Tools on the top of the browser. Then click Add-ons.


step 2/span>

Select the ALOT Toolbar, click on the Uninstall button to remove it from your browser.


step 3/span>

Click the Uninstall button to confirm you want to uninstall the A LOT Toolbar.
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