How to Troubleshoot 0x0000006b Error Blue Screen

Blue Screen with 0x0000006b error code is a popular error in Microsoft Windows when system failure. Usually it is caused by corrupt systems files during the partial installation, partial file deletion or bad file equipment. When windows can not load or access the corrupt files, the blue screen appears. This article will introduce a simple way to fix 0x0000006b error.


Blue Screen with 0x0000006b error code

1, Download the optimization tool Cloud System Booster and install on your computer.
2, Open Cloud System Booster and click expert on the lower right corner.
3, Check all selection and click Scan. This step will analyze and clean unneeded files, and find and repair the system files error in a smart way.


Blue Screen with 0x0000006b error code
4, Clean all scanned results.


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