How to Stop PC From Freezing-3 Ways

In recent days, some people said that they loaded a few thousand pictures to their desktop, instead of their hard drive. Then their PCs were working less than former speed, even keep crashing. Moreover, they can not drag them to trash and their PCs are in freezing. In addition, someone said that his PC keeps freezing completely (the screen, the mouse and the keyboard). So they can not do “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. Although he run his PC in safe mode, it is still in freezing.


As a matter of fact, there are three reasons in general-Overloaded startup programs, registry issues and virus attack.


It is common for us to forget empty our trash. But the trash and desktop space is a cause of our computer performance. So we need to free up the space of PC at first. At the same time, pgrading hardware configuration (add RAM, change a new video card, larger-volume HDD etc) can be a fast yet effective way to improve your pc performance.


The second reason is registry issue. A new entry can be generated in the registry, whenever any change is made to the system settings or a program is installed or uninstalled. There also exist a multitude of useless bits and pieces to be installed and parts of incompletely installed programs, dead drivers and many other things. So it is very important for us to clean up our registry and remove all useless data fragments. Although we can do it manually, there often still exist remnants. So we can check our registry with Cloud System Booster, which can delete all stubborn rogue security programs and various trash on our registry.

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The last one is virus attack. It is common in Internet that there are too many junks viruses and poor security programs taking up too much system resources. So we should have a free or paid antivirus software, and scan our PC regularly. The cloud feature of Anvi Smart Defender is so powerful that it can often detect and remove the newest threats, which can not found by some other top antivirus software. Now you can have a free trial for it to enjoy its power and simple operation.

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Above three reasons and corresponding solutions of PC freezing have summarized all detailed issues. Hope this article can help more and more people stop PC from freezing.

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