How to Stop Certificate Error in Internet Explorer?


The Certificate in Internet Explorer is designed to protect web surfers by blocking malicious websites. A certificate error will pop up when the website is identified as a fake website by the Certificate. Certificate can help us to block unwanted malicious website on most occasion, but sometimes it goes too far away from its job to block trusted or famous website which we visit regularly.


If you have come across with Certificate error problem, following steps can help you to solve the problem. It’s very simple. You need just to modify your browser setting manually.

Steps to Stop Certificate Error in Internet Explorer


Step1, Open your Internet Explorer;


Step2, Go to Tool, and then switch to Internet Option;


Step3, Click on the Advanced Tab and scroll down to the security section. Uncheck the option about “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” and “check for server certificate revocation”;


image of advanced option


Step4, Click Apply and OK to save your modification;


Step5, Reload your page to view the page. Your page should now load as expected.

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14 thoughts on “How to Stop Certificate Error in Internet Explorer?

  1. bull… This does not stop the error. Only on revoked certificates.
    You need to install the certificate under trusted sites in internet options.

    • Hi, could you please try the following steps?

      1 Open the “Start” menu. Click the “Run” icon. Type “regedit” into the “Run” text box, and click “OK.” The Registry Editor will appear.

      2 Open these folders in the left side of the editor pane window, in the following order:

      “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/FeatureControl”

      Select “New” and click the “Key” option.

      4 Type the following entry in the new key box:


      Press the “Enter” key.

      5 Choose “New” in the edit menu and then choose the “DWORD Value” option.

      6 Type the following in the value box:


      Press “Enter.”

      7 Choose “Modify” in the edit menu, and, in the modification area, enter the number “1.” Click “OK.”

      • I am having a similar problem accessing my companies intranet that has not got a valid certificate (small company, minimal resources), this never used to be problem and on another machine running windows 7 and ie11 it isn’t an issue. I have tried every thing I have seen so far including the reg entry above and I still can’t get passed the error page to the site.
        any other thoughts?

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