How to Speed up Your Widows Startup? (Computer Tips and Tricks)

It can be an extremely annoying experience that you have to wait around for Windows operating system starts up. Windows operating system will load everything program or files that are in startup folder when boot up. Want to modify your startup items and make your startup quickly and efficiently? This article will show you how you can speed up your Windows startup easily.

To make your Windows boot up quickly and fluently, you are highly encouraged to limit program that run at startup to enable fast startup. A computer might be freezing when startup if too many programs run with startup. Limiting programs that run at startup might help you to fix your computer freeze problem as well as improve the startup speed.

Furthermore, you are also encouraged to delay deactivate Windows service make a faster and better PC performance. If two many services load at the same time when computer start up, you will also experience poor startup speed and slow boot time.

Sounds difficult? Glad that we Anvisoft has released a free program to help users manage their startup items as well as Windows services with an easy way. To use, please check steps below:

1. Download the Free system management tool– Anvi Startup Booster
Anvi Startup Booster helps you obtain an optimized system start-up by disabling unnecessary programs and deleting harmful ones.




2. After download and install the free program, please start it, Avni Startup Booster will run automatically to detect startup programs that can be disabled and Windows Service that can be optimized.


Besides that, Anvi Startup Booster provides Services, System settings and Network settings optimizations which enable you to block unnecessary services and configure settings more reasonably to make a faster PC performance.


3. After the Scan complete, please choose relative startup items and Windows service and then Select Boost button to enable fast PC startup time.

Restore feature:


A backup of disabled programs are stored on the Restore centre so it won’t bother you if you wrongly make a deletion of a specific program. You can easily perform a restore by simply checking in the Restore box and clicking on Restore button to recover a program as needed. Ease your mind for we’ve made a backup there.


To do that, please go to Anvi Startup Booster Restore tab, find and select the programs or services that you want to run at Windows startup and then click on Restore button to confirm your operation.


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