How to Speed Up Windows XP?

Windows XP system is known as the fastest windows operating system. But it still needs optimization. After a long time use without optimization, it will also become slugged In order to maintain the best performance of Windows XP; we need to learn how to speed up the Windows XP system. There are several tips to Windows XP users.

How to Maintain Good PC Performance?


step 1

Prevent your computer from virus infection.


Install anti-virus or anti-malware program. It’s essential to keep Windows XP at best performance for malware or virus will dramatically slow down and ruin your PC if you are unluckily infected. There’s a lot of free version of paid version of anti-virus program, choose one and install on your Windows XP.


step 2

Defrag disk in a certain period.


The disk space will get smaller and smaller overtime. Running a program might become tardy when there’s not enough disk space left. Defragging disk periodically can help release disk space which may help you speed up your Windows.



step 3

Sweep memory regularly.


Memory is the part of the computer that holds data and instructions for processing; it is closely associated with the central processing unit. When we run a program, it will take up memory, but when we close the program, the memory is not totally released. So in order to keep Windows XP at peak performance, it also important for you to sweep the memory manually to release physical memory.


step 4

Keep System Updated.


Sometimes system vulnerabilities will also affect the speed of Windows XP, so it’s important to keep the windows system updated.


For above fours tips, disk defragment and memory sweeping can be executed by manual. If you do not want to be bothered by the manual cleaning and speed up, just install Anvi Smart Defender to perform that for you.

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