How to Speed Up Vista System?(Make a Faster PC)

You may never notice that your computer goes junk-filled until one day you can’t help screaming ” why my computer is extremely slow?” when you have to wait for opening files or starting programs. In fact, no matter how fast or shiny computer might be when they are new, they all seem to get slower over time as there would be dozens of junk files from Internet to consume your PC resources, resulting in poor performance of you PC. Then for this, you will get more on handling with “my computer is slow” problem.


To speed up your vista OS, there are several ways that you can try and the result is most likely to reward you better performance of system and even more security online. You can go all the way with all methods below to maximize the optimizing effects. Here we go.


step 1

Delete Programs you never use.


There are programs packed along with new computers by many PC manufacturers and some of these may be trial versions or limited edition that the software companies want you to use and pay for upgrading. However, you may not need them all and if any, uninstall them in order to free your system from consumed resourced. Additionally, you may also install a lot of utility programs while using the computer, find those you do not need any more and remove them. This way can avail your computer of more spare space for smooth running.


step 2

Clean up the registry entries.


Whether uninstalled or not, programs you have used leave some registry entries in your computer and day by day there may be considerably a number of these to adversely affect your computer’s performance. So it is definitely necessary to clean those needless registry entries. For this you can refer to how to remove registry entries manually here. Or if you want an easier way, try Cloud System booster to do this for you.


step 3

Defragging discs or Upgrading RAM.


Usually, RAM offers space for your computer to run programs and if the RAM capacity is comparatively lacked or even runs out, surely you need to upgrade it, especially with Vista system as many users told it seems lack of adequate RAM. Also you need to periodically defrag the discs to get rid of traces alike that occupy the space to bog down the performance of PC. You can do this by trying system optimizer like Cloud system booster.


step 4

Full scan your computer with an anti-malware program.


This way can provide your PC a secure yet healthy environment to run. Needless to say that threats like virus or rogueware do much harm to your system and even cause malfunctioning of normal programs or slow down the PC. As to such case, you are highly recommended to take advantage of security software or antivirus programs for the purpose of real-time protection. You may try Anvi Smart Defender to efficiently safeguard your PC.


step 5

Trash junk files, unused and corrupt registry entries, etc.

Junk files, such as registry entries possibly left by the deleted programs need to be removed. Nevertheless, most anti-virus software like Anvi Smart Defender gets nice performance not only in removing threats of all sorts but also in cleaning up your PC. If any question about speed up a slow PC, feel free to contact us.


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