How to Speed Up Slow Laptop

Some advice help you to speed up slow computer:

The first step is to run a disk defrag on your system. What a disk defragmenter does is to increase the speed in which you can access information. Whenever your computer processes information, it needs to jump from place to place and this takes time. Defragging your system allows your computer to stream information through one path. This will speed up laptop ability to access and run different programs.

The second step is to eliminate as many unnecessary startup programs as possible. Anytime you install a new program it will try to automatically start itself every time you power your computer on. This will dramatically slow down the speed your computer. These programs also eat up valuable RAM which causes the computer to be very sluggish. Eliminate all but the necessary programs and you will feel the incredible difference in your laptop processor speed.

The third step is to clean up registry congestion. This is without doubt the most important step you can take to speed up your laptop. As we download new or remove old programs, our registries get congested with useless and redundant files. This clogs everything up and leaves you asking why is my computer slow? Getting rid of those unnecessary files, this will not only speed up your computer but prevent it from crashing in the future

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