How to Speed Up My PC For Free?

Computer seems to get slower over time. It doesn’t happen over one night, but you will gradually notice the difference, especially after it freezes some time.


The boot time of your computer might only take 15seconds in the first year, now, it takes 55 seconds. There’s lightning speed when opening a program before, now, you have to wait for a minute, even longer.


What happened to my poor computer? You may wonder. Should I buy a new one? That’s costly, you might be distressed. Is there any cheaper way?


Yes. Below instructions will teach you how to optimize your PC for free.


Optimize Windows Vista through following ways:


Step 1

Uninstall programs you never use.
A main reason that may cause a computer gets slow down is the dozen programs you downloaded and installed. Every program’s existence will take up a certain amount of system memory which will result in slow down of computer and degradation of PC performance. So go to your Control Panel, check one by one, and remove hardly used programs.


Step 2

Limit programs loading with startup.


If there are too many programs loading when Windows starts, it will take a long time for your system to response. What’s worse, if you click on some program, or open your browser just after the desktop appears, it may lead to computer freezes. That’s because some programs are still loading, your computer needs more time to respond.
Many programs are designed to load automatically with startup, which you may not notice, and easily ignore. Click here to learn how to tell what programs load automatically when Windows starts? Also click here to learn how to stop a program from running automatically with startup?(How to manage startup programs)


Step 3

Clean up temporary files, junk files, and invalid registry entries on your hard disk.


Your computer will mess up with uncountable amounts of junk files if you don’t cleanup them often. For example, if you install some software, and later uninstall it, you take for granted its removed for you can’t see the icon, or find it in the Windows Start menu, but not completely, its registry entries might still there. Such invalid registries will take up your system memory which of course will slow down your PC.


Click here to download system optimizer to optimize your computer and speed up its performance.

Cloud System Booster Download:



Step 4

Defrag disk files to free up disk space.


Disk defragment rearranges fragmented data to recover your disk space, so that your hard disk can work more efficiently, which in return speed up your PC performance.


Click here to download Anvi Smart Defender to defrag your hard drive for free.

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Step 5

Check for virus, malware, spyware, and other threats infection.


Virus infection is another main cause of computer slow down. Virus is very bad, it not only slow down your PC, modify and delete your files, it also stole your personal information for commercial use. So install a smart and powerful antivirus program to help protect your computer far away from virus.


Click here to download free antivirus software– Anvi Smart Defender to protect your PC NOW!

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