How to Speed Up Internet for Free?

Are you troubled with slow Internet connection speed and stagnant file download from the Internet? You used to watch video online, but now, it seems the online film isn’t working fluent. Your antivirus has detected no virus threat, you may wonder: what probably may cause the Internet reacts slowly?


Especially when you pay for high speed Internet access, however, experience surprisingly slow Internet connection. Will you be mad? Here are some tips on how to speed up your Internet connections.


Speed Up Internet in Five Steps


step 1

Check with your service provider to see whether they’re doing their job.


Sometimes, you pay your money and take for granted you will receive whatever you deserved. However, your provider may not do accordingly. So you should call your provider and complain about your slow Internet connection.


Even if you don’t pay for top speed service, your complaints might bring you small upgrade fee, even free upgrade of your package.


step 2

Cleanup cache, online history, and cookies often to speed up your Internet.


Browsing cache, history and cookies will accumulate as time goes by. If you don’t clear them regularly, you will experience a slow Internet connection gradually. You can’t overlook this, for it really matters. All data stored on your computer will take up a certain system resource.


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step 3

Block Flash and JavaScript.


Popup ads are everywhere, which is unnecessary and annoying. You don’t need them, but they are designed to display quicker than other information you’re looking for on a website. So block such popup ads, flash and JavaScript will significantly improve your Internet speed.


step 4

Well encrypt your wireless Internet connection, and prevent unauthorized access.


If you are using wireless Internet connection, then there’s a large chance that someone is sharing your network. If you don’t set up a strong WEP password for your Internet connection, the unauthorized users might more than you can imagine. The more people share your network, the slower your connection will be. So well encrypt your Internet connection, set up a strong and special password.


step 5

Try different browsers and find out the one that works best for you.


Different computers are different on hardware configuration; different configuration might well suites different browsers. So don’t stick on one browser, such as Internet Explorer, but find out more efficient one that works for your connection type and configuration. For example, for low RAM computers, Google Chrome is more suitable than Firefox and Internet Explorer, for the latter two requires larger memory than Chrome.


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