How to Speed Up Computer Games?

Are you into playing computers games, but troubled with the speed of PC? Computer reacts slow, which of course will affect the fluency of gaming performance. Good news here is we can offer you several simple solutions to speed up computer games.


5 Tips to improve gaming performance:


Step 1

Close unnecessary programs before you enter a game. For the running of other programs in the background will take up processor resources and system memory which will affect the gaming speed.


Step 2

 Turn your antivirus software into game mode, which will enable the protection of your PC, at the same time, allow you to have an uninterrupted game mode.


Step 3

 Upgrade the components of your computer, such as RMA, processor, graphics card, etc. Better configuration brings better and faster computer performance. Older one may result in slow even freeze of computer.


Step 4

 Cleanup your computer for invalid shortcuts, registry entries, junk files, etc. frequently. If you don’t care and ignore the step, junk files will pile up on your system and eat up your system resource and memory, which will no doubt slow down your PC and reduce your computer efficiency.


Step 5

 Make use of a system optimizer to help care your computer for unseen junk files, other hidden unused registry entries, as well as to defrag disk files to recover your computer disk space.


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