How to Set up Parental Control

Parental Control is designed to help Parents control the online activities of their children, so as to make sure their children are using the computer correctly, for any programs that are thought unsuitable or harmful to the children can be blocked from opening.


You can choose to block or allow programs through simple ways. Below are instructions to teach you how to set up the controls.


Click Windows Start button>Control Panel> User Accounts and Family Safety>Parental Controls




An administrator can set limits to any standard user. Take Mars for example.



Click on Mars, you will be taken to the settings panel.



Time limits: You can control when the Standard user can make access to the computer by simply clicking and dragging the hours. After all settled down, click OK to switch to the settings panel, so you can go on with other settings.



Game Ratings: Set access limits to certain games by rating, content types, or name to control your children’s online habit.



Program Limits: You can set limits to some programs that installed on your computer so that your children are blocked from them.



If there’s some program missing from the list, click Browse to locate them add them to the list manually.


However, Parental Control can’t set limits to what website your children visit. In that case, you’d better install some antimalware software to well protect your computer. For children are inexperienced in judging right from wrong, so your computer is very likely to get infected. Click here to download Anvi Smart Defender to guard your PC now!


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