How to Secure Wireless Network?


With the development of computer technology, wireless network become popular. It enables computers and other devices such as smart phone to be connected to internet to share internet access, files, and printers. The benefit of wireless network is of course that you can access internet anywhere in your home or office (as long as it’s within range of your wireless router).


Although it’s great benefit, there are still some potential threats involved in wireless network. It is essential to secure the wireless network for the following reason:

The data you send or receive can be intercepted by hackers;

Your wireless network can be accessed by hackers;

Your internet access can be hijacked by others.


Therefore, if your network is not appropriate protected, your wireless network and your personal data are under potential risk to be exposed to other person.


Four tips to secure the wireless network:

step 1
Change the administrator password; the manufacturer’s default password is not secure enough to protect the wireless network, and it also easily to be got hacked by hacker to access into the wireless network.
step 2
Enable WAP or WEP encryption; to encrypt the WAP or WEP is also a good measure to protect the wireless network.
step 3
Turn off SSID (Service Set Identifier) broadcasting to prevent your wireless network appearing around the neighborhood.
step 4
Change the default SSID name of your device; same as first tip, it’s also easy for a hacker to find out the default username. Set the name that you can easily remember but difficult to guess.

Secure Wireless NetworkSecure Wireless Network

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