How to Secure Wireless Network Linksys?

To secure wireless network with a linksys router enables people to keep themselves safe from outside intruders as well as potential risks. It is so significant that a few minutes on learning how to secure wireless network Linksys do worth double or even more beyond your imagination. Here we go.


Two encryption methods used to secure wireless routers are wired equivalent privacy(WEP) and Wi-Fi protected access (WPA). WPA was developed in response to vulnerabilities inherent in WEP encryption technology. WPA supports higher-security encryption methods like user-specific keys, rotating keys and authentication certificates to verify connection sessions, resulting in a more secure network than WEP.


How to Secure Wireless Network Linksys

1. On the Linksys Web-based setup page, type “”, which is the default IP address for Linksys routers, into the address bar of your Web browser and pressing “Enter”.


2. Enter the username as well as password and press “Enter”. Typically the default Linksys username is “admin” or “administrator” and the default password is generally “admin”, “1234” or blank.


3. Near the top of the screen, click on the “Wireless: tab and then click on the “Wireless Security” option below it.


4. Select “WPA Personal” from the first drop-down list. Then select “TIKP” on the “WPA Algorithms” drop-down list.


5. In the “WPA Shared Key” field, type a password, which will be used to access your wireless Internet connection.


6. Leave the “Group Key Renewal” setting on the default value of “3600” as this value will decide the rate at which your PC refreshes the encryption key sent to connected computers.



  • Change the security key regularly for extra security.
  • Only share your security key with trusted people.
  • If the password is forgot, you have to get the default setting and your previous settings will be all lost.
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