How to Restore Desktop Icons?

Desktop icons disappeared? Follow the below instructions to restore them manually. It’s easy.


Step 1

 Windows Start menu>All Programs


Step 2

 Find the program for which you want to add a shortcut>right-click on it>Send To>Desktop (create shortcut)



Step 3

 If it is within a folder, click the folder to reveal the program>locate the program>right-click on it>Send To>Desktop (create shortcut). Take Google Chrome for example (See below picture)



Step 4

Just repeat the process to restore any program icon to your desktop.


For Windows Basic Icons (including My Computer, My Document, Recycle Bin, etc.)


Step 1

 Window Start Menu> Control Panel> Appearance and Themes (On some Windows versions, it is called Appearance and Personalization)


Step 2

Change the computer’s theme (Personalization on some Windows versions)>Desktop>Customize Desktop>General>Click Restore Default>OK



Note: This will restore all of the default icons your computer come with, or you can manually select icons from the check box to only restore the ones you want to have on your desktop.

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