How to Restart Computer in Safe Mode


Windows Safe Mode is a special mode that can be used to help fix problems. It only starts the basic files and necessary drivers so some programs may look different than usual.

How to restart computer in safe mode.

Turn the computer on or start the computer.

Start pressing the F8 key after hearing a beep. Instead of the normal loading page, Windows Advanced Options Menu shows on the screen as below.


Restart Computer in Safe Mode


Select safe mode and Enter.

The computer is started in safe mode.

The advantage of running safe mode.

step 1

Fix system errors

If you can’t start the computer or your windows is not stable, you can reboot the computer in safe mode. It will fix the registry error during starting up process in safe mode. After the safe mode startup, you can start the computer in normal mode successfully.


step 2

Restore system settings.

If you install a new program or update some softwares, which make your computer start up failed, you can fix it in safe mode. Uninstall the newly installed program in safe mode to make your computer works normally.


step 3

Remove stubborn files

Always received the error message that the file is in use and you can’t remove this file? Don’t worry, restart the computer in safe mode to remove these files and empty the trash. In safe mode the windows won’t protect these files so that you can remove them successfully.


step 4

Remove virus infections


If you are dealing with the virus, you’d better do in safe mode. It makes the removal completely as windows only load the basic drivers.


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