How to Remove You Are Missing a Plugin to Play Videos Popup Virus

You are missing a plugin to play videos is a fake alert appearing at the lower right corner of webpage. Once infected by this popup ad virus, you will be shown annoying video screen with this fake alert and a update button when you try to open a normal link or a new tab. Both update link and the close button will lead you to unwanted websites. Its main purpose is to gain your traffic to get paid from advertisement companies.



With this adware infection, your computer and Internet speed will become slower and slower as it keeps recording and sending your search habits and browsing data. It will pop up many annoying ad and trick you to unwanted webpages. Worse still, it may download malicious files in your computer. Therefore, this virus should be removed without any delay.


You Are Missing a Plugin to Play Videos Popup Virus Removal Guide:


step 1

Click on Start and type cmd.


step 2

Right click on it and select run as administrator.



step 3

Paste the following commands and press ENTER one by one.

cd C:windowssystem32driversetc
takeown /a /f hosts
cacls hosts /p everyone:f
Press Y and enter attrib -s -h -r hosts

step 4

Download Hosts fixit from Microsoft. Run fixit and restart computer.


step 5

Download Anvi Smart Defender and perform a full scan.



step 6

Clear all detected items and restart computer.


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2 thoughts on “How to Remove You Are Missing a Plugin to Play Videos Popup Virus

  1. step 3 dont work at all. i copy paste on the cmd it didnt work. i also write it manually and it also didnt work

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