How to Remove Windows Temporary Files to Speed up PC?

Usually, windows temporary files are closed and deleted if you turn off your computer in normal condition. But if you shut down windows system in an irregular manner, windows temporary files will be left in your computer. Windows temporary file is different from Temporary Internet files, Windows temporary files are files that are stored temporary by windows when it works. Windows files are generated by windows itself.


Normally, windows temporary files are stored in the directory where Windows is installed. You need to find out the temporary files folder before remove windows temporary files.


How to remove Windows temporary files to speed up your PC manually?


step 1

Click Start button, select Search > For Files or folders > Select All files and folders.


step 2

In the bank filed, type into *.tmp to start the search.


step 3

Delete all temporary files that are found.


Remove Windows Temporary Files


Note: To delete all Temporary files, it is better to visit all directories where Windows Temporary Files are stored and empty these Temporary Files directories manually.


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